Aqua Hot – Tempering Valve, 120°F to 160°F – PLX-4A8-180


Aqua-Hot – Tempering Valve, 120°F to 160°F – PLX-4A8-180 – Alberta Coach & Chassis Parts is used to temper domestic water to safe temperatures to prevent scalding. This unit is adjustable from 120F to 160F and will flow up to 12 GPM.

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Aqua Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180: Perfect for Class A RV Motorhome Coaches

Product Overview:

Experience luxury and safety with the Aqua-Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180, a premium solution designed for Class A RV Motorhome Coaches. This advanced tempering valve, available through Alberta Coach & Chassis Parts, ensures your RV’s hot water system delivers safe, scald-free water while maximizing the efficiency of your water heater or boiler system. Tailored for the unique demands of RV living, the Aqua-Hot valve balances hot and cold water to maintain ideal temperatures, providing the comfort and reliability essential for your home on wheels.

Key Features:

Adjustable Temperature Control: Customize your water temperature from 120°F to 160°F. This range offers the flexibility to cater to varying hot water needs, from a relaxing shower to daily household tasks, ensuring every drop is at your preferred temperature.

High Capacity Flow: Designed to support up to 12 gallons per minute (GPM), the Aqua-Hot valve can handle the high-demand water usage typical in Class A RV Motorhomes. Whether you’re running multiple showers or appliances simultaneously, this valve ensures a steady, robust flow.

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant: Built from lead-free brass, the valve is engineered to resist corrosion and withstand the harsh conditions often found in hot water systems. This ensures a long-lasting and reliable performance, essential for the rugged and varying environments encountered during RV travels.

User-Friendly Maintenance: Featuring an easily removable and replaceable thermostat unit, the Aqua-Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180 simplifies service and upkeep. This design significantly reduces downtime and maintenance hassles, ensuring that your hot water system remains operational with minimal effort. For convenient and professional service, RV owners can take advantage of expert maintenance and installation services at Alberta Coach & Chassis. Their specialized technicians are equipped to handle all your motorhome’s hot water system needs, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation on all your journeys.

Superior Safety and Efficiency: With a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi (10 bar), the valve is capable of operating safely under high-pressure conditions. This makes it ideal for the demanding needs of an RV’s water system, ensuring safe operation without compromising performance.

The Aqua-Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180 is the ultimate choice for Class A RV Motorhome owners who seek a combination of safety, reliability, and performance in their hot water system. Its high flow capacity and adjustable temperature settings ensure comfort and convenience, while the robust construction guarantees longevity and resilience. Easy to maintain and designed for the unique requirements of RV life, the Aqua-Hot valve not only prevents scalding but also optimizes your water heater’s efficiency. Upgrade your RV’s hot water experience with the Aqua-Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180 and enjoy worry-free, perfectly tempered water on every adventure.

Make every journey as comfortable as home with the Aqua-Hot Tempering Valve PLX-4A8-180—because your RV deserves the best.



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