Aqua Hot – Hydronic Heater 450D – AHE-450-DE5




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The Most Compact Heating System From Aqua-Hot For Diesel Motorhomes.


  • Continuous on-demand hot water
  • Quiet, clean, even, moist interior heat
  • Fast diesel engine preheating
  • Adds thousands of dollars to the value of an RV
  • TribridHot – three sources of energy for heating comfort
  • Uses engine heat when driving
  • Uses AC shore power for light-duty heating and hot water use
  • Uses diesel fuel for heating in colder temperatures and continuous hot water


  • Maximum Interior Heat Exchanger BTUs 65,600
  • Continuous, Tank-less Hot Water 1.5 GPM
  • Engine Preheating Yes
  • Electric Elements 1-120VAC, 1650W
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Max Fuel Usage .41 GPH
  • AVG Fuel Usage /Day Dry Camping 1-4 Gallons
  • AVG Fuel Usage/Day Shore Power 1-2 Gallons


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The Aqua-Hot Heating System is a Low Emissions Hydronic Heating System (heating with hot water) that significantly improves your level of comfort, decreases harmful emissions released into the atmosphere, and adds thousands of dollars to your RV.

The Aqua-Hot Heating System is three systems in one:

  1. Interior Heating System: provides quiet, comfortable interior heat with independent temperature zones that provide cabin-wide, even temperatures.
  2. Bay Heating System: keeps pipes and tanks from freezing in the bay storage area.
  3. Tank-less Hot Water System: provides a steady flow of continuous hot water.
  4. Engine Preheating System: reduces engine wear caused by cold starting by preheating the engine from 30°F to 90°F in one hour.

The Aqua-Hot System is powered by TribridHot™ technology and uses one or a combination of the following sources:

  1. The 120 Volt-AC Electric Element: When plugged into shore power, the electric element lets you use the power you are already paying for to provide heat and meet your light duty hot water needs.
  2. The Diesel Burner: This is the Aqua-Hot’s most powerful heat source and provides all of the heating and hot water needs in cold temperatures or dry camping.
  3. The Vehicle’s Engine: When driving or idling, the engines surplus heat is transferred to the Aqua-Hot providing interior heat and limited hot water without burning any other fuel.



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