Alberta Coach – Domestic Water Coil – ALB29-100


Domestic Water coils for Aqua-Hot models AHE-400 and AHE-450 | Alberta Coach – Domestic Water Coil – ALB29-100

Is your Aqua Hot coil leaking or cracked? Now you can recoil your Aqua-Hot system with ALB29-100 water coils by Alberta Coach. Made with the same amount of coils as the originals, ideal for replacements. Requires welding & cutting.


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Copper Domestic Water Coil – ALB29-100 for Aqua-Hot. Custom made by Alberta Coach & Chassis.

When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and functionality of your Aqua-Hot system, the integrity of your domestic water coil plays a pivotal role. That’s where Alberta Coach & Chassis steps in with their custom-made Copper Domestic Water Coil – ALB29-100, specifically designed for Aqua-Hot models AHE-400 and AHE-450.

Crafted with precision to mirror the coil count of the originals, these water coils ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance. Whether you’re experiencing issues like leaks, requiring an Aqua-Hot rebuild, or simply seeking an upgrade, the ALB29-100 coil promises reliability and longevity.

Over time, Aqua-Hot coils may face wear and tear, especially if subjected to freezing or nearing the 10-year mark since installation. In such cases, replacement becomes not just a recommendation but a necessity to maintain the system’s functionality.

However, it’s crucial to note that installing these coils requires welding and cutting of the tank, ensuring a secure fit and proper functionality.

The importance of the domestic hot water priority system cannot be overstated, as it ensures a continuous supply of hot water whenever needed, be it for showers or sinks. The process involves transferring heat from the heated antifreeze and water heating solution to the domestic water flowing through the copper coil. This heated water is then tempered with cool water before reaching the faucet, ensuring a comfortable temperature for everyday use.

It’s also essential to be mindful of the products used with your Aqua-Hot system, as prolonged exposure to substances like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) can lead to corrosion of the domestic water coil, resulting in leaks and potential system failure.

With Alberta Coach & Chassis’ ALB29-100 coils, you can trust in their quality craftsmanship and compatibility, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted hot water supply for your Aqua-Hot system. Invest in reliability, invest in ALB29-100.


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